Russ Lossing

pianist . composer . improviser

Dreamer Reviews


Russ Lossing - piano

Ed Schuller - bass

Paul Motian - drums

The interaction between Russ Lossing (New York pianist, composer and music theorist) and legendary drummer Paul Motian is an absorbing case study in two intellectual musicians with very different musical styles. Lossing approaches his piano solos by developing a single motive into a chorus-long tangling and untangling session (à la Rollins). While this style can often fall predictably short, Lossing's refined talents lead to some staggering improvised discoveries. Motian's drum theory, on the other hand, often aims to free itself from consistent motives and common phrases – to the invigorating delight of some and the "just-swing-already!" frustration of others. The combination of sophisticated motivic development from the pianist and playful unpredictability from the drummer leads to a clashing of improvisational styles. Lucky for us, it works.

Reviewer: Eric Novod