Russ Lossing

pianist . composer . improviser

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Drum Music                                   

Music of Paul Motian

Sunnyside records 1319

Russ Lossing, solo piano

Recorded May 2011

Released July 2012

"I like the way Russ Lossing plays my music."

-Paul Motian


Russ Lossing Trio


Russ Lossing,piano

Masa Kamaguchi, bass

Billy Mintz,drums

recorded 2008

released 2011

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Aqua Piazza Records 001                     CLICK HERE for Bandcamp          

Russ Lossing, solo piano

Recorded May 2012

Released November 2015

Read EEclipse liner notes by Ben Monder here

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Whispers & Secrets

Fresh sound records

Adam Kolker & Russ Lossing

Masa kamaguchi

Billy Mintz

June 1, 2018


Steeplechase Records

Russ lossing

Michael Formanek

Gerald Cleaver

January 2019

a "standards" album

Motian Music

Sunnyside Records 2019

Russ Lossing

Masa Kamaguchi

Billy Mintz

Compositions of Paul Motian

Russ LossingTrio


Rus Lossing

Masa Kamaguchi

Billy Mintz

Hathut Records/ ezz-thetics

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