Russ Lossing

pianist . composer . improviser

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Aqua Piazza Records 001                           

Russ Lossing, solo piano

Recorded May 2012

Released November 2015

Read Eclipse liner notes by Ben Monder here

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Whispers & Secrets

Fresh sound records

Adam Kolker & Russ Lossing

Masa kamaguchi

Billy Mintz

June 1, 2018


Steeplechase Records

Russ lossing

Michael Formanek

Gerald Cleaver

January 2019

a "standards" album

Motian Music

Sunnyside Records 2019

Russ Lossing

Masa Kamaguchi

Billy Mintz

Compositions of Paul Motian

"I like the way Russ Lossing plays my music."

-Paul Motian

Russ LossingTrio


Russ Lossing

Masa Kamaguchi

Billy Mintz

Hathut Records/ ezz-thetics 2019

Russ Lossing


Russ Lossing

Mark Helias

Eric McPherson

Steeplechase Records 2020

Russ Lossing

TRACES      two song cycles

Kyoko Kitamura

Russ Lossing

Adam Kolker

Mark Helias

Aqua Piazza Records 002


Russ Lossing


Russ Lossing

Loren Stillman

John Hébert

Michael Sarin

Sunnyside Records 2021

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Russ Lossing

Gerry Hemingway

A new album of piano/drum duets. An audiophile recording.

Release date: May 7, 2021 on Aqua Piazza Records.  

For connoisseurs of fully improvised music.

A fascinating journey into imaginary soundscapes by two masterful improvisers.

A strange and magical trek that begins in the blended realm of extended percussion and inside-the-piano techniques, gradually separating into a full-blown piano and drum dialogue.


Russ Lossing, piano

Loren Stillman, alto saxophone

Aqua Piazza Records

"The introspective and intriguing release consists entirely of originals which are at times mesmerizingly dark and, at others, warmly vibrant. The music is sublimely balanced between the emotive and the cerebral. " - All About Jazz


Russ Lossing, piano

John Hébert, bass

Michael Sarin, drums

"The transportive music of Russ Lossing, John Hébert, and Michael Sarin sounds contemporary and familiar all at once. Their focus on taking age old, effective musical devices and then incorporating modern improvisatory techniques with them, constructing music of true communicatory depth, is truly astounding and perfectly encapsulated on their new recording, Folks. "

all compositions by Russ Lossing     Released August 5, 2022

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Listen:  "Call Now"

Listen:  "Autumn Moon"

Listen: Three Treasures