Russ Lossing

pianist . composer . improviser


Solo Piano

- Eclipse, on Aqua Piazza Records

- All Things Arise on hatOLOGY

- The Music of Paul Motian - CD, Drum Music, on Sunnyside Records


- Loren Stillman/Russ Lossing duo - compositions by both  CD, Canto, coming soon on Aqua Piazza Records!

- Tim Berne/Russ Lossing duo - compositions by both + improv

- Ben Monder/Russ Lossing duo - music of Schoenberg, Ligeti, Cage re-designed for improvisation

- Gerry Hemingway/Russ Lossing duo - CD, Time Enough, All improvised music. Coming in 2020

- Morten Poulsen/Russ Lossing duo - LP, ...NY, released 2016 on Vinyl


- Russ Lossing Trio - w/Masa Kamaguchi,bass & Billy Mintz,drums -  3 CDs

------------Oracle, on Hathut Records/ hatOLOGY,

------------Motian Music(Sunnyside),

------------Ways(Hathut /ezz-thetics)

- Song Cycles - w/ Kyoko Kitamura, voice, Adam Kolker,bass clarinet - original songs by RL - coming in 2020

- Russ Lossing PHASE Trio - w/John Hebert,bass & Jeff Williams,drums - CD, Phrase 6,  on FSNT Records

- Bela Bartok Mikrokosmos re-imagined for the improviser - CD, Change of Time, on OmniTone Records


- Russ Lossing's KING VULTURE - w/Adam Kolker, tenor,sop sax, bass clar, Matt Pavolka,bass, Dayeon Seok,drums - original music by RL

- Russ Lossing TONAL Quartet - w/Loren Stillman,alto sax, John Hebert,bass, Eric McPherson,drums -CD,Personal Tonal on FSNT Records

- Whispers and Secrets - w/RL,piano, Adam Kolker, tenor and Sop sax, bass clar, Masa Kamaguchi, bass, Billy Mintz, drums - CD  Due out on Fresh Sound records, Fall 2017

Russ Lossing Quartet - w/Loren Stillman, John Hebert, Michael Sarin - CD coming soon, Metamorphism, all original compositions by RL