Russ Lossing

pianist . composer . improviser

Press Quotes

“ a gripping improviser, pulling ideas out of the air and nudging them into the action at hand as if they always belonged there”                                                                                                                                                                               - Village Voice

"Among today's modern jazz pianists, Russ Lossing stands out as one of the artists who intelligently travels between jazz and contemporary music."

-France Musique

"I like the way Russ Lossing plays my music."

-Paul Motian

“…The pianist illuminates the silence, suspends the time, and intensifies the collective flux. The wealth of his harmonic knowledge, the fluidity of his phrasing and his attention to the weight of every single note creates a sound palette for endless pleasures.”


"Stylistically, Lossing is,

simply, a “space man”—like

Thelonious Monk and Paul

Bley, letting the spaces be-

tween notes do the talking."

-ICON Magazine

“Lossing packs his playing with suspense”                                                                                                                                  

- Len Wallis Audio

“strikingly lyrical”

- jazztimes