Russ Lossing

Jazz Pianist - Composer



CD Title: As It Grows 

Year: 2004 

Record Label: hatOLOGY 

Style: Free Jazz / Avante Garde 

Musicians: Russ Lossing (piano), Ed Schuller (double bass), Paul Motian (drums) 

Review: Drummer Paul Motian conveys his ineradicable mark of distinction throughout this somewhat open-ended trio date, highlighting the talents of pianist Russ Lossing. Along with bassist Ed Schuller, the artists generally counter each other’s moves via this indubitably spacious, modern jazz expedition. In addition, the album title sums it up rather effectively, as the band causally constructs groove upon groove.

Lossing is a thinking man’s pianist. He intelligently creates and refashions themes within a variety of frameworks. In a nutshell, the music is engineered upon a loose vibe, featuring austere elements seamlessly coalescing with a few swing vamps and staggered choruses.

Schuller serves as the glue, via his nimbly executed walking bass lines, while Motian seemingly tap dances across his drum kit. They kick it up in spots with bop-like patterns, yet the musicians afford themselves ample breathing room for experimentation and counterbalancing movements. Lossing’s muse is partly fabricated upon, soul-drenched tone poems and acute musical observations. He’s a multifaceted artisan, evidenced throughout this altogether mind-bending and undeniably entertaining production! (Recommended…) 

Tracks: Motion Units, Coyote Jumps, Nagual, Verse, No Trace, (Suite of time 5-parts) As It Grows, Nothing Exists Without, Form And Color, Other Beings, Naturalness

Reviewed by: Glenn Astarita