Russ Lossing

Jazz Pianist - Composer

Sunday September 21, 2008

Playlistnate Chinen

Two Heads Together, Playing as One


Russ Lossing and John Hebert

Most of the tracks on “Line Up” (Hat Hut), a new duet record by the pianist Russ Lossing and the bassist John Hebert, are freely improvised. But that doesn’t mean this music lacks structure or definition. For the most part it sounds abstract but grounded, with each musician creating a foundation in the moment. There’s also a small spate of proper compositions, including the jittery title track, by Mr. Lossing, and a restful elegy by Mr. Hebert called “For A. H.” (That would be the sagacious pianist Andrew Hill, his employer for a spell.) Mr. Hebert will surely sound different at the Jazz Standard on Monday night, when he interacts in a trio with yet another pianist, Benoît Delbecq. Alongside Mr. Lossing, he suggests an intrepid searcher with an end point in mind.